Worship Leaders And The Presence of God

2 thoughts on “Worship Leaders And The Presence of God”

  1. A thoughtful read.

    The balance is, that while we can’t bring people into the presence of God, we can help them to remember and realize that God is present! Our role is to help people move beyond the many things that distract us and hold people back.

    Its interesting how people get so excited because of a special preacher, worship leader or artist is showing up at their church or in their city, yet in every moment of the day, the God of the universe is in whatever ‘place’ they find themselves.


    1. I have often thought that part of leading worship is about minimizing distractions. But I have just thought about distractions during a church service. We can be very distracted people in our daily lives when we could be more aware of God’s presence wherever we are.


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