2021 Reading List

6 thoughts on “2021 Reading List”

  1. James.

    A rich list of reading.

    You must have a system of catalogue and retrieval of information from these books.

    I read the ones by Du Mez, Gladwell, and Hayhoe.

    Waiting to read your book.

    Happy New Year, James!


    From: “James M. MacKnight” Reply-To: “James M. MacKnight” Date: Friday, December 31, 2021 at 8:59 AM To: “bob.pb.jones@gmail.com” Subject: [New post] 2021 Reading List

    James M. MacKnight posted: ” Every year I try to read 50 books. The only time I actually accomplished this was 2019. Until this year, when I finished 67 books. There are two main reasons why I read so many books this year. First, I began researching the Psalms in preparation “


    1. Hi Bob, I track books read in an app and in spreadsheets so I can remember which books I have read. Then I use a notes app to keep quotations from them that are searchable.

      You’ve been around the church for a little longer than I have. What were your thoughts/reflections on reading the work by Du Mez?


  2. Thanks for this list. Reappearing Church from Mark Sayers is on my list. Months ago I randomly thought someone like you may like reading his other book Facing Leviathan which i read and enjoyed. I also read good reviews from the book of Tish Harrison Warren.


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