Feeling The Worship

5 thoughts on “Feeling The Worship”

  1. Appreciate the thoughts expressed and the caution that it expresses. Too often we are evaluating worship by what we ‘got out of it’ rather than wondering what ‘God got out of it.’ It was Kierkegaard who reminded his readers, back in the time of choirs and the pipe organ, that in worship, God is the audience, the congregation are the performers, and those who lead are there to help or prompt the people to offer their worship. [very rough paraphrase]

    No matter how I feel, God is still worthy of worship … and when I do, I myself become strengthened by the focus on him.

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  2. Very helpful thoughts here, James. Allowing our feelings to be included but in their appropriate lane is an important conversation for today’s leaders. I’ll be sharing this with some other leaders and weekend warriors who can feel deflated after making their contribution to the body.

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