10 Reasons to Oppose New Church Music

6 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Oppose New Church Music”

  1. Great article. The one thing you don’t really mention is that using new music is a healthy sign of change and growth (or a congregation’s desire towards change and growth). If the songs are dated in church, it might keep the existing congregation happy as they grow older together, but it might not do much for the younger generation. No lie. I’ve been in churches where the youngest person was in their late 30’s. Their service style was stuck in the 80’s. Instead of complaining because we aren’t happy with the music, we need to ALWAYS be thinking of the “other”.


    1. Thanks Benjamin. Yes, I didn’t spend much space looking at how new music and changes can be very healthy in churches. I’ve always wanted to try and create a culture of change. Instead of replacing the old untouchable standard with a new untouchable standard, it’s better to have a healthy sense of continual change. We hold on to the best of the old songs to help us connect our faith with the past, but then we also celebrate that God is still moving in our churches with introducing new songs.


  2. New songs are good but they need to create a sense of worship and enrich our walk with God. Cause us to be in awe of Him.


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