Death and Denial: An Ash Wednesday Reflection

8 thoughts on “Death and Denial: An Ash Wednesday Reflection”

  1. As a hospice chaplain, these words are beautiful. Death, although conquered, is still part of our life. We also learn so much as we face death. It can be a teacher.

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  2. Such good thoughts. Our family has been practicing Lent for a number of years now (even though we are Pentecostal 😊). I find that it truly realigns my thoughts and prepares my soul for the celebration of Easter in ways that I never expect. Denial of sin, and certainly the denial of death make us numb to reality, and that same denial also takes away the power of what Christ has truly done for us. Every year, I find that the season of Lent draws me back to the cross in a richer way.


  3. Beautifully written James! I come from Anglican roots but didn’t stay with that denomination long enough to truly understand the depth of meaning in the season of Lent, although I miss and long for the liturgical depth and understanding you write about. “Learning to face the pain” we are avoiding is quite powerful and humbling. Thank you!


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